Beard Stuff

Twin Willows Farm, a dairy goat farm in Logansport, offers a full line of goat milk lotions and soaps, but according to the farm’s website, “facial hair needs care, too.” 

   Twin Willows sells a full beard “kit,” which includes a handy little wooden comb, as well as beard balm and oil. Both the balm and oil—which are said to hydrate the hair and skin, prevent beard flakes (beard flakes?!), and keep coarse hair neat and smooth—also happen to come in three scents:

·      Smoking in the Woods offers top notes of bay leaf and fir needle, mingled with cedarwood and crisp bergamot.

·      Shave & A Haircut provides a “barbershop aroma,” a strong yet sweet aftershave with hints of aromatic spices and orange zest.

·      The Drunken Lumberjack offers rich notes of hay (hay?!), sandalwood and cinnamon, brightened with white citrus and ginger and layered by rum, birch and tobacco.

   Sounds fancy. The kits will cost you about $13. To find out more, head to the farm’s website.




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