Get It Local; Get It Online

The world of online commerce has now made it possible for consumers to buy farm-fresh food and have it delivered to their doors. Even Amazon, where you can purchase pasture-raised eggs (though not necessarily local), is in on this new fast and fresh food game.

For Indiana-made fare, try one of these popular online food markets. - This privately owned online farmers market sells meat, eggs, dairy and a huge array of artisan products from more than 70 Indiana vendors. Farmers Market delivers to several pre-set pick-up sites around Central Indiana each week and also offers to-your-door service for a small fee. - This non-profit co-op is the only farmer-owned online marketplace in the state, so when you buy from Hoosier Harvest, youre voting for the little guy with every dollar you spend. Visit the site each week for a varying assortment of Hoosier-grown farm foods, like meats, honey, cheeses, and preserves. - Another newcomer and early adopter in the online marketplace, Ipickhere offers farm-fresh food to residents in the southern regions of the state. This initiative focuses on aggregating foods produced within 100 miles of the market location. 


Sherri DuggerComment