In Search of Better Butters


 It was 2013 when Jon Weed decided conventional peanut butter wasn’t good enough for his family of five. Inspired to create a peanut butter that would elevate snack time, Weed combed local grocery stores to find the perfect peanuts. Experiments lead him to develop B. Happy Peanut Butters signature flavor, Keep Smunchy. With Weed’s wife, Kathy, and the pair’s three children (Jackson, Julie and Sawyer) all pitching in, the family began pumping out the classic butter with a variety of mix-ins. 

   Though they hadn’t at first planned to go into business, the family soon began selling their wares at farmers markets, and the brand has since caught the attention of retailers statewide. With an expanded line that now features flavors like Dream Big (a white chocolate peanut butter with pretzels), the Weeds are enjoying the brisk growth of their peanut butter business, which is sold in over 40 stores throughout the Midwest. For more information, visit 


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